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  • Name: Immortal - 12 months
    Price: 100.00 EUR

    After completing the payment we recommend you to connect to all gamemodes and minigames of the server to claim your rank.

    The IMMORTAL rank expires after 365 days, is global and offers you the following:

    Global Chat and Tab

    • IMMORTAL prefix in chat and in tab 
    • no 30 minutes chat restrictions for new accounts 
    • the account name is listed in the donors list /list
    • select text color by using the /chatcolor command
    • server join message in chat


    • ability to fly in lobby
    • can use all pets and miniatures available on the server
    • can carry an anvil using the /anvil command
    • can group inventory items into stacks by using the /stack command
    • can delete the items in inventory by using the /ci command
    • can take their own head by using the /skull command
    • can wear a hat by using the /hat command
    • can customize their nicknames by using the /gamenick command
    • can set names for items by using the /itemname command
    • can used colored text on signs
    • can change their own time by using the /ptime command
    • can change their own weather by using the /pweather command
    • can kill themselves by using the /suicide command
    • can see crafting recipe by using the /recipe command
    • can use a crafting table by using the /workbench command
    • can see other player inventory by using the /invsee command
    • can use the recycle bin using the /disposal command
    • can access an enderchest using the /enderchest command
    • can see the xp gained using the /exp command
    • can send global join invitation by using the /joinme command, every 30 minutes
    • can see players around them by using the /near command
    • possibility to set multiples homes where the command /sethome is available
    • other useful commands: /compass, /condense, /depth, /getpos, /itemdb, /eping, /rest
    • can set colored clan tag by using the /clan color command


    • 20000 Gcoins
    • 200 friends limit
    • keep xp when die
    • 40% discount for crafting Mystery Crates
    • can join a minigame that is full
    • pet spawn in lobby after unblocking them in Mystery Crates

    Other Bonuses


     200 x 200 blocks island expansion 

    extra space in backpack


    more heads



     /vault access 



    nightvision access /nv 



    double jump

    bird, fish and shark miniature access


    extra space in backpack

    /vault access 


    ability to start a vote by using the /voting start command 

    glowing skin /eglow

    ability to wear particles /pp 


    300 x 300 blocks island expansion

    ability to start a vote by using the /voting start command 

    glowing skin /eglow

    ability to wear particles /pp


    full arena access 

    ability to use particles in BuildBattle arenas 

    cosmetice & perks access 

    possibility to change time in SkyWars arenas 

    double space fly in SkyWars Lobby & BedWars Lobby

    exp booster in BedWars 

    can vote and use all projectile in SkyWars

    SoulWell in SkyWars

    permission to set themes in BuildBattle games using the /settheme commnad 


    The IMMORTAL rank is not transferable from one account to another, so please be careful about the name of the account you select.

    In addition, you must take into account the fact that deviations from the server regulations can lead to the deletion of the rank or even the blocking of your account.

    Our Discord Server: - click -

    Please be sure that this is your correct username! (If you want to gift this package use the other person's name for this field)